Process server services

Personal service is performed from 06:00 to 22:00 on the home address or at the workplace of the addressee. If necessary, we also determine the actual residence of the person, to whom the document is to be served.

Usually, personal service is performed in cases of service of:

  • Decision on execution,
  • Cancellation of the employment contract,
  • Judicial writing,
  • Invitations to the main hearing,
  • Court shipments,
  • The chargeable proposal,
  • Decisions on disciplinary violation,
  • Etc.

At each performed personal service, the contracting authority (our client) receives a signed receipt with the accompanying report on the progress (development) of service.

A certificate (confirmation) of performed personal service is a certificate (document) that is signed by the recipient and the detective. In addition to a handwritten signature, the recipient also writes the date of performed personal service. If the recipient is illiterate or can not sign, he / she is signed by the detective, which also writes the date of service and the reason for not being signed by the recipient. The recipient may also refuse the signature of the certificate, which the detective states together with the date of service - that means the service is considered to have been performed. The same applies if the recipient does not wish to receive the document. In this case, the detective writes down the date and time on the certificate and the reason for refusing to receive it and leaves the document in the addressee's apartment, which means that the service is considered to have been performed.