Computer forensics

The integration of modern technologies into business processes is nowadays somewhat normal. Working processes are significantly faster than they used to be, and the costs are noticeably smaller. Since information technology is embedded in practically every aspect of our lives, there are many ways to transfer data. A classic analysis of the various incidents was replaced by a digital data analysis. Computer support is needed for successful research, since today most of the data is found in digital form. On the basis of this data, field work is planned, but with the effective interpretation of data, less field hours are needed and consequently the service is cheaper.

Our team of computer forensics performs tasks for legal and natural persons, such as:

  • scanning electronic devices for the purpose of detecting malicious software codes and securing evidence,
  • review of networks (overview of traffic on the organization's network),
  • proving the flow of information from the organization,
  • stealing of intellectual property,
  • production of quality data backup of the organizations and
  • collection of information on persons and objects from electronic sources.

Computer forensics works under the trademark ITdetektiv.