Investigation of criminal offenses

Were you a victim of a crime, and you don't even know that? Criminal acts that are prosecuted privately are:

  • Unjustified eavesdropping and sound recording,
  • Unauthorized publication of private documents,
  • Unjustified release of professional secrecy,
  • Insult,
  • Defamation,
  • An offensive charge,
  • Slander,
  • Allegation of a criminal offense in order to contempt.

We collect evidence in electronic and physical form, which you then use in the court of law, where you represent your interests. Evidence are obtained in accordance with the law and the Code of Ethics of the Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia.

In some cases it is good to obtain the evidence before reporting criminal offense to the Police, despite the fact that the actions are prosecuted ex officio (mainly in cases of non-payment of maintenance and various acts of violence, such as violence against the elderly, children and women).