Information security in organizations

The distribution and signing of security policies and other documents within an organization often requires a lot of time and energy. Adding the cost of preparation, systematic protection of information becomes too expensive for many organizations (often executed by external consultants). Safe Mode is a system, consisted of different methods that integrates the problem of information security, and provides education of employees in a multifaceted and comprehensive manner. At the same time it is flexible enough for the introduction of any security system or operation on an existing system. It is designed to provide optimum adaptation to a particular company and ensure proper results.

Safe Mode uses its own portal through which employees access security policies, news and documents, and the company's management has a better control over the understanding of security policies by employees. This method enables rapid management in the event of an irregularity, which raises the level of security, and allows its employees to look (access) at information security policies repeatedly and at any time, since everything is collected in one place. For managers in organizations, we organize a free presentation of the product. The portal for viewing security news can be used by everyone for free, only registration is required. For any additional information, please contact us on the free number +386 (0)80 1238.