Illegal work / black economy

What percentage of activity in your industry is carried out without the necessary permits, licenses or actual activity registration?

There is no accurate factual data, because the phenomenon can not be measured, it can only be estimated. The estimation of the prevalence of this phenomenon is high in Slovenia and in the European Union. By definition illegal work is a legally paid job, but it is not reported to public authorities. This category does not include illegal activities (eg prostitution, drug trafficking, etc.).

Illegal work can be done in the form where the pay of an employee is paid in part, while the rest is directly paid to the employee, thereby avoiding the payment of taxes. It can also be carried out in a way in which there is no employment contract between the employer and the employee and thus no taxes are paid.

A common form of illegal activity are also in the case of:

  • when the legal entity does not have statutory documents for performing its activity,
  • when a person or entity has a ban on pursuing an activity,
  • when a foreign legal entity carries out an activity without a registered branch or a regulated license,
  • when a person or legal entity does not carry out the activities in accordance with the law.

Our private investigators obtain evidence for our clients, so they can use them to successfully appear before the competent authorities (inspectorates), thereby ensuring the market share which belongs to them.