Private investigation services

Our task is to provide our clients with correct and comprehensive information in a lawful, professional and effective way, which they can use to:

  • Protect their interests,
  • Find a person in whom they have a legitimate interest,
  • Protect their property or obtain the return of their property,
  • Protect their business and market position,
  • Provide the best possible position in the processes in which they participate as a party.

Information is obtained discreetly and all the circumstances of the cooperation are a closely guarded trade secret, which is the fundamental rule of detective work. For legal entities and natural persons we also perform advisory tasks in the field of crime prevention and other harmful acts.

We operate in accordance with the Private Investigation Activities Act, which gives us the power to obtain data from records that are not accessible to natural persons and certain organizations. These records are:

  • Record of registered vehicles (registration mark, owner information and vehicle data),
  • Register of permanent residents and central population register (data on personal name, date of birth, personal identification number, citizenship, time and place of permanent and temporary residence),
  • Record of insured persons (data on employment, employer, workplace and previous employment),
  • Slovenian ship registry and aircraft register (data on vessels and owners of the vessels).

Private Investigation services for companies and legal entities

We investigate areas of business fraud, disciplinary violations of employees and we help in the field of information security and, if necessary, perform computer forensics.

Since most companies do not have regulations and security policies in different areas of their operations, this represents an important security hole in case of incidents. Regulations and security policies enable immediate action and protection of the evidence when the incident occurs, thus protecting the company's interests and also the jobs of other employees without (too) long court proceedings.

It is crucial to clearly define the information assets of the organization, to clearly set out the rules of what employees may/should and should not do, and to introduce security policies, that are accepted and signed by all employees, as they prevent the violation of legislation, especially in the field of human rights. For our clients, we prepare efficent security policies and assist them in introducing them into organizational processes, enabling them to fully control their organization and their assets, and in case of incidents, we offer 24-hour response..