Disciplinary violations

These disciplinary violations are not the only violations of this type, as there are often cases of unjustified use of company vehicles, irrational use of working time, unjustified leave of the workplace, etc. Private investigators in this kind of cases determine who are disciplinary violators and collect evidence about their violations.

Abuse of sick leave from work is a frequent occurrence in Slovenia, however it is unpleasant for employers, as it interfers with the business process, which reflects in the performance itself and also in lower efficiency. Usually, there are absent one and the same person, and the reasons for this may vary (performance of gainful activity during sick leave, travel, various work at home, etc.). This kind of abuse is a conscious violation of the instructions of a personal physician which represents a financial burden for the employer for the first thirty days, and at all times, the lack of staff.

We check up the sick leave in two ways:

  • with formal controls and
  • with controls over a long period of time.

Evidence is obtained on the basis of the acquired medical order(charter) from a personal physician, from which the violations arise, since the medical order determines what the employee may or may not do during the sick leave.

When it comes to suspected work under the influence of alcohol or illigal drugs, we offer our clients testing of their employees with the Dreager 6510 alchotester and tests to find the presence of illegal substances.